Basic Training for Restaurant Serving Staff

A huge demographic

restaurantA restaurant can often increase its sales by training the staff how to serve customers with disabilities. 13.7% of the population in this country has a physical or mental disability that interferes with their daily life. Many of them and/or their families can feel  uncomfortable in a restaurant. Often the servers simply have not been taught how to treat these people.

If your restaurant has a reputation for knowing how to treat customers with disabilities, they will come in more often. They will bring their friends and families.

So, the demographic is actually much more than 13.7% of the population. 

Restaurant staff training

restaurantIt makes good economic sense to get the training manual called How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. The copyright1 allows you to make a PDF file for each employee. Make the manual mandatory reading. 

At the end of each chapter is an online quiz to help them remember the points they read. Encourage your staff to take each end-of-chapter quiz. (There are only 3 chapters.)

Read the introduction to How to Train Customers with Disabilities. Read testimonials from people who have read the manual.

Much of the wisdom in this manual is useful to help customers in general, not just those with disabilities. However, there is more about serving staff training elsewhere on this website. Go to  more about staff training.

To see some excerpts from the training manual, watch the video below.

1. Note that the copyright allows a purchaser to give away PDF copies of the manual to the staff within a restaurant. It does NOT allow the purchaser or anyone to sell or give away the manual to any other restaurant in the same chain.

Buying a training manual


If you want the e-book PDF file emailed to a Canadian email address:

$35 CAD


If you want the e-book emailed outside of Canada:

$27 USD

Another video: 3 steps to training your staff


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