This is a Free Online Ordering System for Restaurants

Online Ordering

online orderingThe NetWaiter website tells us that having online ordering is a good way to increase sales. They say that

  • Average ticket amounts are 10-30% higher than in-restaurant amounts.
  • You’re able to grow sales & profits without growing your staff or expanding your restaurant.
  • 95% of people who order food online will actually go to that restaurant later.
  • So, you can increase customer loyalty without initially bringing people into your restaurant.

Free technology

A company called GloriaFood has created an amazing FREE app that allows people to

  • Order food online for delivery or else
  • Reserve a table for eating inside your restaurant.

It is free because GloriaFood would like you to buy some additional features. However, it is not necessary to buy the paid features.

Look at the list of FREE features. They include

  • Website ordering
  • Mobile ordering
  • Table reservation
  • Menu item pictures for web page
  • Detailed reports
  • See Menu & Order button for Facebook page
  • Order food when making a table reservation
  • Order now & pickup later
  • Promo & coupon deals.

Go to the GloriaFood testimonial page. They have testimonials from restaurants all over the world. Below are a few of them.

I am completely amazed by your free service. I cannot even express how happy we are to use GloriaFood. The system does not crash, which is not always the case with other providers, it’s easy and simple and would recommend any restaurant to use it.
Ivan from Croatia

Online sales is increasing while orders via phone are decreasing. GloriaFood gives the customers the convenience to order, thus they order more frequently.”                    Joe from Liverpool, NY

Fantastic app This is a great app for my take away. The service has been superb and great customer service. With all the new updates and features, it gives us and more importantly our customers an app thats easy to use. Thanks gloriafood.”
Dominic from the UK

Bottom line

Adding online ordering to your restaurant is a good way to improve the bottom line of your income statement. While you’re working on your profitability, you might also want to consider teaching your serving staff about that often overlooked demographic — customers with disabilities.