How to Serve Customers with Disabilities

Why This E-book Was Written

As a wheelchair user with cerebral palsy, Michael Haines has encountered lots of restaurants who don’t really cater to people with disabilities. Here he talks about some of the problems he has had with restaurants:

  • I couldn’t maneuver in a washroom because it was used to store highchairs.
  • I couldn’t go to a restaurant on the second floor because there was no elevator.
  • I’ve had to ask someone in a washroom to help me out of a cubicle because the door was too heavy.
  • Because of my speech, a waitress told me I had had too much to drink. I had not had a thing to drink.
  • I’ve had trouble fitting the front of my electric wheelchair under a table.

Situations like these led Michael to collaborate with a virtual assistant and a nurse to write an  e-book entitled How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. It will help restaurant personnel know how to help people with a wide variety of disabilities:

  • Physical.
  • Visual.
  • Hearing.
  • Cognitive.
  • And many other of the disabilities that 13.7% of the population experience.

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In the video you will see some of the content of How to Serve Customers with Disabilities.


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Increasing your bottom line, catering to people with disabilities

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