How to Increase Your Customer Base

Customers with disabilities, a major demographic

customer baseOne way to increase your customer base: Improve your service to customers with disabilities. Here’s why:

  • 13.7% of the people in this country have a physical or mental disability that interferes with their daily life.
  • If they feel welcome as a person (as opposed to “a person with a disability”), they are much more likely to return.
  • If they do come into your restaurant, they will often bring their friends & family.
  • Thus your demographic may be much more than 13.7% of the population.

How to serve customers with disabilities

Many of your serving staff may not know the best way to treat customers with various disabilities. For instance, they may not know:

  • How they should they relate to someone with a speech impediment, 
  • What is proper etiquette around deaf people (It’s different from etiquette among people who can hear.)
  • How to treat a blind person’s guide dog.

 These questions and many more are answered in How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. So, do this:

  • Buy a copy of the How to Serve Customers with Disabilities training manual from Amazon.
  • Make a free PDF copy for each of your serving staff.
  • Make it a company policy: All serving staff MUST read the manual and do the online quiz from the end of each chapter.


How to buy a manual to increase your customer base

If you want the e-book How to Serve Customers with Disabilities, go to the appropriate Amazon page.

Read the introduction to How to Serve Customers with Disabilities.
Read testimonials from people who have read the manual.


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