How to Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Simple solutions for increasing your profits

This website gives two simple solutions for increasing your restaurant sales:

  • Catering to people with disabilities and
  • Ordering online.

Customers with disabilities

Statistics Canada says that 13.7% of Canadians have a physical or mental disability that limit their daily activities.

If you could appeal to this demographic, your potential increase in customer base would be more that 13.7%. That’s because the families would join their disabled loved ones in your restaurant.

With the help of a virtual assistant, a man named Michael Haines wrote an e-book called How to Serve Customers with Disabilities. Mr. Haines is a man who leads a happy, successful life in spite of his cerebral palsy. He has become an expert in serving customers with disabilities. He even lectures to restaurant staff on the subject.

Read the introduction to the e-book on this website.

restaurant sales

Increase restaurant sales with online ordering

The NetWaiter website tells us that having online ordering is a good way to increase sales. They say that

  • Average ticket amounts are 10-30% higher than in-restaurant amounts.
  • You’re able to grow sales & profits without growing your staff or expanding your restaurant.
  • 95% of people who order food online will actually go to that restaurant later.
  • So, you can increase customer loyalty without initially bringing people into your restaurant.

Free technology

A company called GloriaFood has created an amazing FREE app that has the potential to increase your restaurant sales big tim. It allows people to order food online for delivery or else reserve a table for eating inside your restaurant.

Oskar, a restaurant owner in Sweden, uses the GloriaFood app.  He says, “It works great. Some of our regular customers that don’t want to spend time on their lunch break waiting for food, now pre-order through the app.”

Read more on the online ordering page.